Metro offers accessible service to the disabled

2019-06-28  Shenzhen Daily 

 Han Ximin, Liu Jieyu

Han Ximin, Liu Jieyu

METRO operators will offer a free wheelchair service to riders with a visual impairment or physical disability who need to access stations and trains between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. starting Friday.

Those who need the service can call hotlines 8896-0600 (HKMTR Shenzhen) for service on Metro Line 4 or 2927-6688 (Shenzhen Metro Co.) for other Metro lines 30 minutes in advance to make a reservation by providing their name, phone number, number of people in their party, time of arrival, and the stations of departure and destination.

Staff at Metro stations will pick up the riders after receiving notices from the service hotlines, help them get onto the Metro train, and inform the staff at the destination station to help them alight.

Applicants who need to alter their arrival or departure details must inform the Metro service in advance. Metro staff will cancel the service appointment if the rider does not arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.

(责任编辑 黄燕如)



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